Attachment Across the Lifespan


Adult Attachment & Treatment

The Father of attachment theory, John Bowlby stated, “the pattern of interaction adopted by the mother of a secure infant provides an excellent model for the pattern of therapeutic intervention….” (1988, p. 126).   

DFAC can provide attachment-focused psychotherapy for individual adults who have undergone early relational trauma, sub-optimal care, or can address a broader range of relationship issues based on the client’s needs.

When working exclusively with individual adults, they are met with an attuned, responsive, empathetic, regulating, intersubjective experience.  When you are in the office, you can expect to be met by a fully engaged and responsive therapist ready to meet your individual needs.  For many adults seeking psychotherapy they often come with unresolved past traumatic experiences or life challenges. DFAC believes that treating adults from an attachment perspective is vital to integrating past traumas and organizing their narrative into a coherent story to bring new meaning to one's life. It is through feelings of safety and security that an individual is able to begin the process of healing, while integrating past emotionally upsetting challenges and experiences.

Parenting/Caregiving Support

Recognizing that some adults are also caregivers or parents who are struggling with their children’s behavior based on their own past wounds, DFAC is here to support and guide you to better mental health. Adult psychotherapy can be focused specifically on issues related to parenting or experiences you had being parented that are now impacting your interactions with your child.  My goal is to lower stress levels within family dynamics ultimately making the space for parents and children to join and create loving relationships.