Family Therapy

Whether an infant, child, adolescent or young adult, a secure home base is vital for continued optimal growth. Sometimes, due to extenuating circumstances, stress levels in families become high, communication breaks down and distance between family members prevail. Adolescents might hide in their rooms, or seek out guidance from other struggling peers, rather than parental figures or a trusted adult.  Parents begin to feel frustrated and fearful by choices their children/teens might be making but do not know how to reconnect to rebuild their relationship or encourage guidance as their parent.  This is where DFAC can help. Understanding the complexities that can arise within family dynamics given the stress of every day life, drawing from attachment based theories families are brought together when ready and we begin the work on repair from a collaborative team approach, one step at a time.    

Adolescent Individual Therapy

Sometimes adolescents need space to freely talk about sensitive issues. When caregivers are concerned that their adolescent or pre-teen won't talk to them, DFAC is equipped to provide individual counseling to address a multitude of challenges, i.e. anxiety, depression, peer relation issues, bullying, self-harm and/or social skills building. Regardless of the challenge, adolescents are met with warmth and acceptance.  It is only within the context of feeling safe that an individual can begin to trust their counselor and explore their inner world.    

Children Therapy

In situations where a child would benefit from meeting individually with me to work on specific challenges, I will provide individual sessions. Individual sessions for children will be assessed throughout treatment and provided when deemed appropriate.

If evaluative services are recommended for your child/adolescent based on history and symptom presentation, I can refer you to the appropriate service providers including but not limited to the following:

1. Psychiatric evaluations

2. Psychological/Neuropsychological testing

3. Occupational sensory integration, evaluation and testing