Lydia Glibota, LMSW


Hello & Welcome to my website. It brings me great pleasure that you have found your way to me and would like to get to know me. Searching for the right therapist can be a difficult process so I developed this website in an effort to give you a sense of who I am and how I practice. Let me begin by stating I am very passionate about the work I do and believe that when placing yourself in a vulnerable position with another person you want to know that you will experience feelings of safety and trust. I can appreciate the feeling of vulnerability because it is my practice in life to place myself in those very vulnerable positions striving to be my true, authentic genuine self in all aspects of life and who I am. 

So how is it that I practice? Well, I’m so glad you ask. Let me share with you my approach to working with clients. Whether it be a child, adolescent, caregiver or individual adult, when you invite me into your space my goal is to have an open mind that creates a feeling of acceptance and compassion. It is my hope that feelings of empathetic resonance is felt by all who walk into my office. It is so important to me that clients who meet with me experience “felt safety,” encompassing a nurturing environment that promotes the development of a healthy social-emotional sense of self generated from therapeutic presence. The support of a therapeutic environment at any stage across the life span enables integration of difficult life experiences, creating a balanced sense of self. 

Now, all this being said, what qualifies me to do the work that I do?   Truthfully, my first educator was life itself, where I inadvertently was lead down some rabbit holes.  It is in darkness that quiet unambiguous senses seem to peek and so amplified my heightened sense of intuition, developing my appreciation for the beauty discovered in adversity.  And like a caterpillar in a chrysalis, transformation lends us to clarity but not without a lot of inner work and guidance.  One of my greatest teachings has been the lesson that every now and again a new bunny hole appears and to be the best version of myself, I learned to willingly go inward and embrace my new self.  

Of course I have also completed the scholarly side of education.  Hence, I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, having graduated with my Masters of Social Work in Michigan from Wayne State University in 2004. Following many years of practice and wanting to develop my skills I became a Certified Theraplay® Therapist and Trainer. I have additional training in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy®, EMDR, Collaborative Problem Solving, Clinical Traumatology Intensive Training Curriculum, and Trauma Assessment & Treatment Certificate Program. I regularly incorporate somatic experiencing, relaxation and mindfulness techniques into my practice.

For those of you who would like to learn more about how I practice using Theraplay, I am excited to announce a chapter that I co-authored, titled Theraplay as a Treatment for Children With Selective Mutism in Childhood Anxieties, Fears and Phobias: Effective play-based interventions and techniques. 


If you would like to meet me in person it would be my honor to walk beside you, whether it be for a brief meeting or over a longer duration, as you foster the strengths within you. I believe everyone has the capacity to form lasting healthy relationships, first with the ‘self,’ and then with others, while on the path of self-growth and transformation.